Bella, bird on Fire


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Oct 23, 2015
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I just took this pic this morning and there is no photoshop special effects.
Sunlight is hitting the underside of Bella's tail and reflecting on the wall like it is on fire.

Bella 10-21-21 by wes mcfaden, on Flickr

I think Bella has calmed down some from her puberty.
She spends less time trying to make a nest in the cupboard and less frantic when she needs to spend time in her cage.
She does not regurgitate as often to my wife like she use to.

Bella has added a few things to her vocabulary.
Good morning.
Look's ok.
And I am not one to suffer in silence. I have had a lot of back pain.
Bella in the past has learned.
poor bird, poor girl. poor Bingo, Poor Wes.
And now she says Poor Back.

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