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Apr 15, 2015

I recently adpoted a lorikeet, that was not being looked after very well,
We received him in a bad condition, in a dirty cage and being feed on seeds.
The bird has missing wing feathers and tail feathers. The bird was malnurished and very dirty. After we received him. I had Given Him several baths, and cleaned his cage and Gave him the correct food and clean water and also set up his cage. Within a few days he had gained weight, and his colours were bright again, and he was chirping and walking around in his cage.
In the last few days i have noticed a spot comming up on his cheek, i dont know if this has come from the condition that he was in?
does anyone know anything about this? and why his feathers wont grow back fromn being cut or sick?:red1:


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Jul 10, 2014
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sounds like this poor guys could do with a once over from the vet, i don't have any lorikeet specific knowledge so unable to help there but he's been through the wars and could probably do with a long overdue check up.

you sound like you are taking very good care of him though he's very lucky his life has turned a corner =)


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Oct 27, 2013
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It sounds like you've made a lot of healthy changes for your new lorikeet. Thank you for giving a loving home to an older bird.

Can you post photos of your lorikeet's cheek, it's really difficult to give advice without seeing first hand what you are describing. I agree with sunblaze, I think an exam from an Avian Vet would be very wise under the circumstances, the spot on your lorikeet's cheek may not be serious, but if it is, catching it early could make all the difference.

If your bird's poor feather condition is due to diet alone, now that you've made diet changes, you will see results, but it may take months for the feathers to molt out and be replaced.

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