Black Capped Conure Bronzing or Stress Bars


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Jul 2, 2021
Honeydew (Black Capped Conure <1 Year Old)

I am new to Parrot Forums. Happy to be a part of the community! I currently have a sweet little Black Capped Conure named Honeydew who is around 6 months old. For a little context she has seemed to start her first molt and is very itchy so she's constantly scratching herself, she is very good about her baths and also lets us help her work on her pin feathers-she's a sweetie! The other day at our pet store it was suggested that she had developed stress bars across her feathers which concerned me a lot. Can anyone tell me a bit more about what stress bars are and what they look like? I really can't tell if what Honeydew has is stress bars or feather wear/bronzing due to rubbing up against things and being very active. She is very happy and cuddly most of the time and spends a lot of time out of cage with my husband and I preening us. She loves her toys and is eating pellets, taking vitamins, fruits, and is willing to take some veggies too. I've attached a picture of her for reference. Any help or advice would be appreciated!




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Jun 30, 2021
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Feather stress bars can be seen as very visible lines that run straight across the bird’s feathers. These lines are the tell-tale signs that the bird has undergone a stressful time at some point in its lifetime. For example, birds who were abandoned as young or those that were unable to get the proper care and nutrition they needed at one point in their lives will show these visible lines in their feathers,

I personally wouldn't take any advice from a pet store unless they specifically specialise in parrots and even then I'd take there advice with a pinch of salt,

If you are concerned I'd consult with an avian vet to make sure everything is in good order.

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