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May 16, 2019
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Just a story...

Our area has been inundated with flocks of black crows. They are a bit of a nuisance due to the noise, but they cause less damage than the gray and black tree squirrels.

I noticed a one legged crow standing on the neighbor's rooftop about a year ago. The image was interesting to me. The other week I found a baby crow in the back yard. He hopped into the agapanthus bed for cover and I was to get a good look at him as he nestled in. The parents were not at all happy with my presence. The baby hopped around the back yard for a few days as he got his strength and wings. I realized that the mother of this chick is the one-legged crow that I've seen from time-to-time. I see them together picking around the front yard for insects or whatever. The mother still hates me as she vigorously scolds me every time I'm out. I've thought of trying to make friends by putting food out, but sure that's not a good idea.

Mothers will know the cooing sound of a young infant. I can hear that in this chick too, and it's kind of cute.


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Oct 23, 2015
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In scolding you she is teaching her offspring what to be afraid of.

I made friends with a crow family at work.
I would give them some of my leftover lunch.
They would recognize me and when they saw me they made a point to fly close by me to get my attention.

They would scold everyone that got close to there nest (when chicks were present) except me.


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May 16, 2019
Mango the Indian Ringneck and Peach the Cockatiel; Kiwi found a new home
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Yep, watched several documentaries on them and am so intrigued with their intelligence. I think I would like one or rather a raven as a pet, but I know it's illegal here. And I won't pursue one of the African varieties. What's the point, I already have them all around me.

One thing I'm curious about - there were a few crows in the street and one of them had a much larger, round, and puffed out head feathers, like the feathers were lighter weight and more radial to the skull. The contrast with the others was along the lines of American vs. English budgies. I thought it was a male, but have read any visual differences there are subtle. I have not found an image similar to what I saw, but it still looked like a crow to me. Here is a raven image that is close, but what I saw was longer feathers and more round, all black. Looked just like the other crows around otherwise.


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Jul 11, 2018
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I love crows lol-- consider a windchime though if they are annoying you-- they tend to avoid unpredictable noises and movements: -- fun info

here is a bit of one of the documentaries on face recognition and babies recognizing specific people based on parent experience (not direct experience) <- clip from documentary

crow funerals: [ame=""][/ame]

They are super intelligent, rivaling parrots (way more than ppl assume-- up there with parrots)

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