Blue fronted amazon is so quiet eats a lot and relax all day


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May 6, 2021
Hi guys,

I got a blue fronted amazon about a month ago, he was doing fine when I first got him, I changed his cage to bigger one and he loves it. He's not aggressive , eats from my hands, but doesn't step up or allow me to touch him yet.
First week he was making wild loud sounds like 10 minutes twice a day very early in the morning and in the evening.
Suddenly he became very quiet and doesn't make any sounds at all.. all day long .. only very soft chicken sounds when I get closer to him or give him food ..
I noticed he only eats sunflower seeds I changed his diet 2 weeks ago to other seeds mix with less sunflower seeds and I mix with dry fruits and fresh fruits.. he loves apples so i give twice a day..
Yet he still hungry and his appetite is so open.. and he only eats peanuts, sunflower seeds, and almonds out of his seeds mix ..
The rest of the day he's all the time sitting in his perch rising one foot and relaxing without doing anything..
When he gets excited he just stretch his wings and move from right to left on the same top perch .. he only gets on the bottom perch for food only ..
When I leave the cage open , he gets out immediately and sit on the top ..* and never want to get back in even if he's hungry I left him for 12 hours sitting on the top of the cage and I even put fresh food inside the cage and he didn't want to get in .. I had to force him to get inside his cage..

Please advice on this behavior I really don't understand why is he doing this .. :green:



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Jul 10, 2015
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Amazons and Parrot Forum.

Please take the time to read with Detail the two Threads at the top of the Amazon sub Forum. And I truly mean with detail as they represent the foundation of Living and Loving Amazons.

I'm assuring that you have not taken your Amazon to your Avian Medical Professional for a 'New Parrot Examination.' What you are defining could be several different things and having a medical base line is important in moving forward. Also, have your Amazon DNA sexed.

At this point, move the food outside the cage to assure that your Amazon is in fact eating. Look into to high quality seed mix, with the goal of getting your Amazon to be activity eating! Understanding that your goal is to vastly cutting all sunflower seed and peanuts out of your Amazon's diet. BUT, never force the change as they will turn to starvation and that will turn bad quickly.

Please get your Amazon into an Avian Medical Professional ASAP.


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Oct 23, 2015
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I aspire to reach the level of lump-ta-tude as your blue front.LOL

Sorry I couldn’t resist.

It sounds like he is picking out the wors part of his food to dine on.
Peanuts ans sunflower seeds are high in fat and peanuts can harbor mold/fungus that can be bad for birds.


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Aug 2, 2018
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it takes time to change and improve diets. Everyone who gets a seed addict parrot has been where you are.

Get a digital kitchen scale so you can track weights. It's important to make sure they are eating.

The whole world seems to have been brain washed by the fruit industry. Veggies are actually higher in nutrition most of the time. Fruit has to much sugar, dried fruits are really inky fir a treat. Fruits should be 10% or less if diet. When choosing fruits , choose pomegranate, mango, deep color berries like black berries, raspberry, Blueberry plums and fresh cherry with pits removed.

A lot of parrots really like tart and astringent, or spicy veggies, leafy greens. Try red chili peppers, or bell pepper great fir vitamin A. Which is missing in a seed diet. Cooked sweet potatoes, cooked butternut squash , cooked carrots served warm tempts many.
Offer veggies on plates or wide shallow dishes, outside of cage can help tempt tgrm too.

Cooked legume, lentils, quinoa.

You will get there.

Congratulations on your beautiful parrot!

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