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Aug 16, 2015
North of DFW Texas
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I just got my Dusky Conure yesterday and I love him! His name is Caesar. All I am asking for is any first time advice from a real owner on how to care for him and keep him entertained and interested. Any advice on anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Welcome! Toys, toys and more toys. I save empty toilet paper rolls, Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, and bottle caps for play time. They all get well used and destroyed gleefully, lol. We have some bell balls too that get used daily. I'm planning a trip to Goodwill this week to pick up some child toys like cups, Legos or blocks. Venus loves toys. That's one bit of advice, cheap, entertaining toys, lol.
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I'll definitely start saving the rolls because he loves to chew and I think that'd be great. Thanks for the advice!
Tiki and Taco have a toy bin (or jar I should say) on their play gym. We put Lego pieces, bottle caps, old hair elastics (not rubber), and whatever small, safe pieces of toys we find in there for them to play with. They love it and play with it everyday.

Congrats on your little one. Have patience and love him/her and he will grow into a loving companion. We love our two birds and can't believe how great they areas pets!:grey::rainbow1:
Hi, Welcome to the forum and Congratulations! We'd love to see pics of Caesar.

Here are some links for you. Feel free to browse through some of the sub forums too, you'll find lots of good info and helpful hints. The DIY section has great toy ideas.

Enjoy your new feathered friend and your stay on the forums.
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Thanks for all the advice! I'll definitely try everything I've been told because I want him to be as happy as possible.
Spend lots of time with your baby and have lots of patience. They test limits constantly and you have to let them know what's allowed and what's not. Birds are smart and learn quickly but are like kids they love to see what they can get away with. Al is my new gcc. He's 5 months old and is totally different from what my 15 yo quaker was like. Total polar opposites. Take the time to learn what makes your baby likes and don't like and he/she to learn about you.
Congratulations! May you have many, many happy years together!

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