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Bringing male into female dominated room


Mar 31, 2015
Pennsylvania, USA
Gcc- Conlan... Sun Conure- Mouse...Jenday- Kellan... RLA- Happy...B&G Macaw- Rhage
First off, I have NO intention of breeding. No babies here haha. I have a GCC and a Sun Conure, both DNA sexed female. I found my dream bird, a male Turquoise GCC, from a reputable breeder a few hours away. He'll be weaned about the end of September and after a 30 day quarantine with a friend who no longer has birds, he will be coming home :)

I know with rats, which I've had for 8 years, if your house females and males in the same Room they can become more hormonal and edgy. Is the same true for Conures?

The Sun is in her own flight cage and I have a set of large stack cages, one on top of the other (30"L x 18"W x 30"H each). Will this be OK or do I have to put him in a separate room? They will NEVER have contact.

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