Budgie flirting with new lovebird? Help?


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Oct 29, 2021
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Hello! I’m new here but this is something I’m very concerned about!
Recently (about 2 weeks ago) we adopted a new lovebird, Jasper. We don’t know if they are a male or female, but due to recent events I think they may be female.
My budgie, Teapot, got along with them almost immediately, and Jasper got along with him too. They aren’t in the same cage, but I let them fly around my room together. So far there has been almost no aggression at all.
I started to notice Teapot begin to treat them like a mate? He constantly wants to be around them, he will wiggle his head around to regurgitate, and attempts to preen them. He never actually regurgitated until today. I immediately separated them, but Teapot bounced around his cage trying to get to Jasper.
From the research I’ve done so far, breeding them is impossible.
But I am worried that this will cause hormonal issues in both of them, or that one of them could potentially be hurt.
And if breeding them somehow is possible (I wouldn’t mind having a few more birds, so that’s not the issue), I’m worried that the chicks would have health issues or die early. Teapot is about 2yrs old, and Jasper is about 3-4 months, but eating solid food and does not need baby care.
What should I do? Has anyone else had to deal with this?

Edit/Update- Teapot has been attempting to mate with Jasper, and Jasper gets very angry. Teapot has also been getting more aggressive towards me (not a lot, but it’s out of character).
Dunno what anyone could do with this info, but I thought I should add it anyways.
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Aug 2, 2018
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its ok.
Teapot us just excited to have a friend. Likely will calm down again. Flock mates can regurgitate to each other in a friend's and family way not always as a mate way. ( tho budgie are horn dogs)

All 3 of my budgies regurgitate to each other once in awhile. My mixed flock regurgitate across species line to each other here and there . My avian vet and I think this family bonding.
Dec 9, 2021
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Teapot probably just loves his new friend! I know a friend who has 2 females (I have a female and male) and they regurgitate on eachother all the time. Preening is a definite sign of good friends! My birds aren't mated, and they still regurgitate and preen the other all the time!

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