Budgie in love with cockatiel - what to do?


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May 25, 2019
2 Budgies.
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So, I've recently got myself a single female cockatiel and she has the softest most adorable personality. I've waited until her quarantine period has ended before trying to introduce her to my 2 budgies in the living room. Witje, my female budgie isn't particularly fond of her but she's okay with her presence. My male budgie is the problem, Coco. He's okay with her presence,.. even more than okay. He has completely fallen in love with her. Whenever i go to the bedroom to be with Zoe, the cockatiel, Coco tries to either land on my head and hitch a ride or fly over or past me to the bedroom. I need to keep the door closed just to prevent him from going to the bedroom, and even then he's flying to the door almost every 5 minutes to see if it is still closed. It doesn't seems like he wants to give on this either. When he does gets through he tries to be right next to Zoe, and Zoe is not particularly fond of the energy levels of Coco. (or impressed by his look for that matter) I'm fine with Coco liking Zoe, but he needs to step it down a few notches and I have come here to ask for help and advice on handling this situation.

Keep them both separated for a while? Put Zoe in the cage and leave coco near her but out of the cage for him to get bored of her? Leave coco in the cage and Zoe out in the living room so they can see each other? Not sure how to handle this situation at all.

Thank you all in advance!


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Mar 28, 2019
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It sounds like you will soon be ready to start breeding Budgatiels!

(Or maybe cockadgies. But I'd recommend going for the budgatiels, you will probably like them better.)



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Aug 2, 2018
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Ahhh sweet budgie, they do like to romance the big girls! My make budgie is always trying to charm my female Abd female Quaker.

I think you will be able to blend your flock of the two budgie and cockatiel, they should be able to get along ok. Tge cockatiel is new and so exciting to your budgie. Just let them have some time out together, watch to make sure budgie fiend get injured. And let your new girl have time out away from him too. They will get used to each other and dime if the infatuation will ware off... right now she still has that “ new bird smell”” lol. The cockatiel should like having other bird friends as long as he isn’t to pesky

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