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Jul 10, 2015
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Sorry that your Thread had been missed, with great hope this bump will get it back up on the board.

Small Parrots, small toys! Next time you visit a big box store take a look in the baby section as some baby toys will work well, like building blocks. Also check out places like on line Parrot Supply sights. Local Pet Shops are also likely places.

The goal is to match the size to your Parrot.


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Jan 29, 2021
Lloyd- Budgie
I would get some toys that are made out of paper, cardboard, and some types of soft wood, my bird loves to shred up these things. Also make sure to avoid snuggle huts and other soft & fuzzy carpet-like material because they can make your bird very aggressive towards you, and can cause blockage in your birds stomach. I would advise up to 10 toys if you have a large flight cage. Make sure to swap toys out too so your bird doesn't get bored.

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