Cage setup for my baby Hahn's macaw


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Sep 2, 2014
Buffalo, NY
Cosmo - Hahn's Macaw
Here's the setup for my baby Hahn's which will be arriving today. I have tons of different toys, but realized I don't have a lot of real estate to put them up. I might have to incorporate some into a play stand. I have a foraging toy as well, but I'd figure I'd let him settle in before I put that up. Plus I have to get larger fender washers cause the perches don't seem tight enough. Here it is. Its an A&E 32x23 cage


That's a fine cage! I'm sure he'll make himself at home in no time at all. :)

How many more hours??? :D
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Had a hard time with the perches. Had to maneuver the rope perch around so he could perch at each feeding bowl. Otherwise it would be a long stretch or hang off the bars :)
Very nice cage!!! Enjoy the homecoming! Looking forward to photos and updates!
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How do you like the cage for your Hahn macaw? Is it big enough for toys and for him to move around in?

That cage works very well and he seems to like it. It has room for many small to medium toys which Cosmo prefers. Anything larger it gets in the way of the perches. He is in the cage all day when I'm at work and seems to be entertained till I get home and then he's on his playstand most of the time till bedtime.

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