Cage size for two birds???


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Oct 1, 2022
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I am new to the bird-keeping hobby but have done extensive research! I currently have a Quaker Parrot named Iago, and I am in the market for an Amazon Bird. I recently visited a bird sanctuary to see if one might be a good fit and there he was!!! A DYH male named "Rascal". To his immediate left was his cage mate "Lilly". I was told since they were bonded I had to take them both, but that I should not have trouble with them as Rascal is very used to people and Lilly takes her cues from him. So now, I am pricing a suitably sized cage for my home, and I definitely plan on building them a critter-safe Aviary in my yard within the next few months. Can anyone give me advice on how to acclimate them to my home an family? Any recommendations on a suitable-sized cage?? I appreciate you all!!


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I think it partly depends on how much time they will spend in the cage. For example, in some homes, the parrot is out of the cage all day, and the cage is basically a "sleeping cage". In that case, it still needs to be a suitable size, but going huge is not worth it. Though, life circumstances change, at times, and the parrot could have to be caged long enough that bigger would be better.

I have seen plenty of cages crowded with "stuff". Whatever the cage size, the parrot(s) need enrichment, but also room to move and maybe flap their wings.

I like the general advice of getting the biggest cage you can fit and afford. @Owlet linked to big cage at a good price.

I found this page long ago, and it helped shape my thinking about cage sizing.

I also would very much recommend that cage I linked because, even though they're bonded, stuff happens and if they need to be separated, even if just for a day or 2, you can do that. Say you need to give a bird medicine VIA water, you can make sure the proper bird is getting the medicine rather than the one that doesnt need it.
Even if the bird is mostly out of the cage it's best to get the biggest cage you can get for those times they do have to be in the cage for extended periods of time.

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