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May 1, 2012
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Nice article, you might want to stress the importance of not giving up too soon and decide it is hopeless because they get nippy or won't do what you are asking. People need to understand it can take months to gain a parrot's trust. I think that is the main problem people face when they get a bird.
Then it just becomes "a bird in a cage".


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Jun 18, 2012
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Thanks for the feedback so far! I will do some touching up and make sure to stress the importance of not giving up when taming parrots.


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Dec 12, 2010
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Hey Cool, welcome to the forum.I thought your article was very good.Wish i could write an article that well, trouble is every time i think i know something,i learn something new.One very important aspect you overlooked was affection. Yes food is a great way to gain trust but true taming (bonding) comes from affection.If you were to watch wild parrots you'll see at one point in the weaning process ,attention/affection (preening) becomes even more important to a chick than being feed by it;s mother.That and it assures the young /new bird it;s acceptance into the flock. The same is true with it's mate.Many years ago when raising baby zons and macaws i didn't really "click" with the birds until ilearned what an important factor preening is to a relationship. Having some one preen your eyes and face area reguires a huge amount of trust. But it works both ways.Having a wild caught bird close it's eyes when you preen it ,means it trust you with it;s life to be on the lookout for predators.That and the person needs to be the leader because they are better at reading us than we are of reading them. If an Amazon was in charge,things would be crazy.
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