Can you train an aviary bird to become a companion bird?


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Apr 25, 2020
Hi! I'm thinking of getting another bird, and I have decided to either get a kakariki or a red rumped parrot. There is a very reliable pet store that breeds both species. Unfortunately, they were raised as aviary birds, but I'm looking for a companion bird. Those two species of birds are probably the best species I could want, but as they were raised as aviary birds with other birds, and I want a bird who lives with me in my house, is there any way I can train an aviary raised bird to become a companion?


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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I'm guessing you are in North America only because it is the larger number of members here.

Prior to North America banning importation of Parrots, all Parrots where caught Wild Parrots from chicks to older adults. Surprise, surprise, the vast majority became loving companion Parrots.

To your question, Yes, a Breeder Parrot can become a Loving member of your family. What it comes down to your understanding of Starting from ZERO and building a relationship with a Parrot that has no reason to trust you. And, understand that everything is at the Rate of acceptance of your Parrot. It's all about the Parrots needs and wants, and none of yours.

Remember, Parrots have no natural reason to trust a Human! Every interaction with the Parrot is founded around providing reason for the Parrot to Trust you.

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