Cannot decide between 4 parrot types


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Jan 12, 2023
Hello, I have recently been wanting to take in a bird (specifically parrot) for my apartment. After a lot of research I have decided between the Bronze-Winged Pionus, Red-Bellied parrot, Senegal parrot, and Maximilian Parrot. I don't exactly know how much space they would need, but the entire apartment is 1200 square feet, and they'd mostly be in my room. Of course, I have no problem taking them out of cages and interacting for more than a few hours a day. It also seems they require up to 12 hours of sleep

I was able to narrow it down to those 4, however the standstill is that I can't pick a winner. They all have more or less the same traits. I'm probably overthinking it but I don't want to choose something superficial like their color. Is there anything you guys could say to help me pick one?
Honestly the best judge of who is right for you will be the actual parrot themselves. A very wise and knowledgeable member here, taught me that and it is so true. GO for the one that shows interest in you and you will reward yourself with a parrot that is ready to make a strong bond with you. Can other parrots be selected, yes, but the best outcome is the above.

Apartments are not ideal places for a parrot, even the quietest ones can still make a LOT of noise on a regular basis. My friends G/F had a Senegal and she was loud and very insistant in her contact calls. The bird, not the G/F. :) . Each parrot is its own individual and making general statements like so and so species is quiet or does well with children simply may not be true for your bird. Reading generalized information on various parrot species can give prospective parrot owners a false idea of what to expect. Expect the worst and when it turns out to not be applicable to your own parrot, you will not be disappointed.

My advice: Read a lot of the stickies at the top of our Species sub forums and you'll get a better real-world idea for each one. Also read the 'I Love Amazons' sticky in the Amazons sub-forum, it contains huge amounts of info that is applicable to all parrots. And Thank you 'Boats (the author and wise member I mentioned).
I can back that advice. I saw 2 potentials when I was searching. They were 50 miles apart so it wasn't easy but the one I chose flew straight to me and rested on my shoulder very happy. The other ran to the back of it's cage and didn't want to know. I did 100 miles that day between the two bringing the first one home with me.
That is not to say that it was plain sailing from there but folk on this site got me through the many teething troubles over the following months and today we are closely bonded and far from being the new arrival I have the feeling that actually I am the lodger these days! o_O

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