Caring for a new bird while injured?


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Dec 20, 2012
Hi everyone!

I didn't think this would be the subject of my first post but unfortunately it is. I've been speaking with a breeder in OK for a couple of weeks now in regards to a Crimson Bellied Conure baby she has available. I was getting ready to put a deposit down on the baby after the 1st when as luck would have it, I fell and broke both bones in my right wrist on New Year's Eve. I slipped on a wet dance floor in a restaurant/bar not once but twice and had to head to the ER after. The fractures aren't too bad and I should have the cast off in about 6 weeks.

My question is, should I pass on the available baby and wait until my arm is out of the cast? I'm worried that the cast will scare her or that the limited use of my dominant hand will hinder our training/bonding. The baby would be coming home on the 15th of this month. If I pass on her, I'll have to wait until spring for another breeder to have babies available. As difficult as waiting would be I want the best for the bird. Any suggestions or advice?

Thank you so much everyone :)
I probably would wait considering your situation. During the beginning of a bird ownership is very important for you to handle and care for the bird properly to begin with. It's unfortunate you've gotten hurt before getting your baby. I hope you get well soon!
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If you're referring to Feathered Companions Aviary, call Marcy up & get her thoughts on the matter. She's good people, ships excellent birds & will give you honest information, not just want to move a bird.

Heck, she might even come up with a makeshift cast to work with the bird before it ships.
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If you're referring to Feathered Companions Aviary, call Marcy up & get her thoughts on the matter. She's good people, ships excellent birds & will give you honest information, not just want to move a bird.

Heck, she might even come up with a makeshift cast to work with the bird before it ships.

Marcy is actually the breeder who should have babies in the spring- she was my first choice but didn't have any birds available which led me to Five Oaks Aviary which is who I've been in contact with. I did send them an email this morning informing them of my situation so I'll wait and see what they say. Perhaps this is some sort of sign that I should wait for Marcy.

And thank you MikeyTN for the get well wishes!
If I were in your place, I'd wait, but then I'm a bit biased.....I've known Marcy a number of years, when she was still in the corporate world in Austin...she raised her flock back then too.

Now, that's not to say Five Oaks does not raise birds of equal quality.....

Marcy's a fair proofreader too, if you ever need a parrot related manuscript proofed.....
Sorry about your accident, these things ALWAYS happend when we least expect them to.

I had an accident with my right hand, just over 10 years ago.
I had 4 operations to rectify it, never helped.

I had had Mishka just over a year, when I had the last operation. I was in a cast for 6 weeks, Mishka was absolutely terrified. For the first 3 days he would not come to me.
This broke my heart, I wanted to have great progress with him, not go backwards.
However says that, I then covered the white cast, wearing a jersey over it. Thank goodenss it was winter. It took him 4 more days to eventaully step onto my left hand.
It was so difficult trying to handle him, doing the normal things one would do with a bird. Somehow with the help of my two sons I managed.

I was at an advantage, I had Mishka for a year already, he knew me. He knew his routine.

I too would rather wait, until you are out of the cast, beleive me it would scare the bird. Everthing will be new to him, you, his surroundings etc, the last thing you would want to do is, to have a bird that is fearful of you.
OUCH! So sorry you had this painful accident. :11:

I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. With that being said, I agree with the others, I personally would wait until your wrist is healed. :) Spring is JUST around the corner ;)

A quick funny story: I never wear nail polish because I'm an avid gardener (and generally like to get my hands dirty), but once my GF convinced me to get them done. I chose a pretty hot pink color for them, and wouldn't you know it, NONE of my birds would step up for me afterwards. :eek: They all had pure horror written over their faces, and my usually ALWAYS timid NY even tried nipping at my hands. :(
I am so sorry that happened to you! Bad timing, to be sure...I have to agree with the others and say that I think you should wait. It would kill me to have to wait, so I can sympathize. The first month that you have a bird is very critical to establishing a relationship with you and everyone in the household. I pretty much cleared my calendar for the first month that I had my new Blue Crowned baby and I am so glad that I did. Babies need a lot of attention and they need to be introduced to many things early on. My baby goes to everyone and is comfortable in many situations in the household--because I was able to take the time to work with him in the first month. I do think your baby bird could completely freak out about the cast and then be scared of you. Maybe the breeder can keep him a bit longer for you?
I would definitely ask the breeder if she would keep the baby until your cast is off. I'm sure if the birdy is paid for, she would be willing to work with you.

My baby Fiji HATES my beautifully pedicured toes. The minute he sees my bare feet, he puffs up, screeches and attacks! He never pays any attention to my hubby's and son's feet. I guess he hates red!

Sorry about your accident Tea, that totally sucks! Specially when you want your bird NOW, not in 4 months. I hope everything works out as it is meant to!
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Thank you so much everyone for all of the advice and thoughtful comments :)

I know it's the best decision to wait, and spring is just around the corner, so I know my wait won't be long. I would much rather be completely healed and in the middle of physical therapy when I get my baby which wont be until the end of February.

Thank you again :)

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