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Mar 23, 2016
Sabrina is my only bird. He is a sulfur crested cockatoo that I rescued 2 years ago. He is the center of my life, everything i do is for him. All i want is for him to have a happy,healthy life. He is
Hello everyone,

I'm really worried about my Cockatoo Sabrina... He is only 18 Years old and is having problems with his eyes.. I rescued him 2 years ago and when i got him, he had a small Cataract in the center of his right eye. Since then, i have become very worried that it is getting worse. I noticed that under his Cataract, his pupil is oddly shaped and his cataract seems to be getting worse. His left pupil is normally shaped. I have taken him to the vet about this but she couldn't see his pupil because the cataract was in the way.. I could see it in the sunlight from the side of his eye..Since i have been to the vet, i have noticed another small cataract forming in his other eye!! (sigh) i'm freaking out... I don't know what to do or what could be causing this and how to stop it!! I hope someone can help...:(
Sorry to hear your baby is having trouble. I don't know anything about cataracts, unfortunately.

If there is a large state school anywhere close to you with an avian veterinary program, you can contact them and ask about cataract treatment (sometimes the vets there do treatment), where to go, who locally has experience with it. Also try, or see if your vet has anyone they can consult over the phone.

You may also want to add things in diet that help with eye health. I don't know what specifically to suggest for eyes, but if you look to see what helps humans or other animals, that might be a place to start. Below is a great site for what nutrients are in foods for parrots that has been immensely helpful to me.

Good luck :)
Double check whether your Vet is truly an Avian Vet. Even, the Dog and Cat Vets know of an Eye Specialist(!?!) in their area - start in that direction on your own and quickly!
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Thank you everyone for your replies... My vet is an avian vet...she used to work at a local zoo with hawks and the occasional parrot... i never knew there are eye specialists but i looked them up and found one...very expensive but worth it if i get help. They said that they usually don't see birds but they're willing to check him out.
Avian eyes are structurally quite different from mammals, but an eye specialist should be able to determine whether Sabrina actually has cataracts and how to best manage them in conjunction with an avian vet.

Good luck, please let us know how this develops!

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