Celebrex side effects in Birds? Black stool/poop


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Oct 3, 2021
Before I start I have already talked to the emergency vet who stated to just not give my bird any of the medicine and call my normal vet on Monday to talk about it.
Good Morning everyone,
I have started giving liquid celebrex to my cockatiel per my vet due to anti-ganglioside antibodies found in his blood. Today after giving him his dose, about 3 hours later, I found black poop. I immediately looked online and while I didn't find anything online about birds I did see that in people to stop the medication if this happens. I have already called emergency vet that my avian dr. states will help for after hours, which they have stated to just not give my bird anymore medicine, watch him, and call my normal vet on Monday for the next steps. I am currently keep watch on him but wondering if anyone else who has pet birds on celebrex ever had these side effects before?

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