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Nov 9, 2006
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Hi I wa wondering how slowly to introduce a pellet diet.
I have been mixing crushed pellet and seeds and noticed her pooh a wee bit watery however apparently that is to be expected.
I also find it difficult to see how much she is eating. Still loads of fruit and veg. Peanut treat and what she occasionally nicks from the plate. I suspect she is a bit more peckish as she is trying to force my mouth open to get to peanut butter sanny:rolleyes:


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Dec 26, 2006
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Y aknow what ... I have that info in a book around here somewhere *turns away from the computer and looks at about a dozen book shelves full of bird/parrot books ... * Ummmm, can I get that info to you once I find it ... :(


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Dec 24, 2006
My breeder told me if I was letting Skippah fly around, I should increase his sunflower seed intake. now he wont eat anything else. I am with-holding the seed and he is with-holding eating. He wont eat any grapes or apple or anything except sunflower seeds.
I will try wetting them and coating them with ground up bird pellet powder (thanx for the idea Karen).
My book says to slowly mix the pellets into the seed, then reduce the amount of seed over 2 weeks till its mainly pellets. Put bits and pieces in with the pellets to keep him interested in looking into the bowl.
Thats what the book says anyway. If its wrong, blame the book.


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Sep 7, 2006
No, thats about right, but sometimes it will take longer that depends a lot on the bird. I haven't increased the amount of sunflower seeds with Bucc, for that very same reason. I have put some in his cage BUT he has to work for them if he wants them. Could you get/make some sort of foraging toy for Skippah.

Its great to see ya back again, we've missed ya.

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