Cheatin' on his sweetie!


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Feb 1, 2021
Hi, I had 4 parakeets, one male and three females. The male was very strongly bonded to one of the females, and the other two females were close buddies. So the flock split off into two pairs that were devoted to each other. Both sets of parakeets were paired for more than 5 years.

A year ago, one of the females in the female-female pair died. Her friend stayed apart from the male-female pair, and the male-female pair pretty much ignored her and continued their interest in each other.

I have 4 cockatiels, and the single female is very friendly with them, so she is not lonely.

Today, to my surprise, the male parakeet abandoned his sweetie and he is now paying attention to the single parakeet. He is grooming her, gently clucking at her, being playful. His lady-love is not happy at all! So now I have a soap opera going on! Not sure if I should remove the single bird from the cage? Perhaps get her a new parakeet friend? Just keep an eye on things? I would so appreciate advice on this drama!

The male has never shown any interest in mating. All birds are about 8 years old.
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