Clear liquid and nasal discharge and it's normality.

Oct 13, 2021
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Right so this is the last thread I am likely to ever do, but I will respond to other threads if I can help.

Alvin is doing better after almost 2 weeks of baytrill (friday is final day) however, he still had some yellowy orange discharge in his right nose a few days ago that has now cleared up entirely, and some orange gunk in his lef tnose which is usually fine yesterday, which he seems to have cleared himself. the Pscitossis test has come back negative which is a plus. The only avian specialist remotely near me is this guy.

I'm posting this because I want to get this sorted out, I had to rush out for some nebulising solution that was supposed to not be F10 anti sceptic, as I already had that. So I rushed out on saturday very early in the morning. It turns out I was given anti sceptic solutin, which they knew I already had and told me they were giving me another soluton they mentioned, which has now magically stopped existing. I've been told to get him in the nebuliser 2 times a day for life now. I explained his nose hole is clear as i can see feather debri moving in his nose which he had when both nostrils were "completley blocked" but he still has discharge. I was told to no longer worry about any discharge and just try to work out when it is blocked. He has not been checked for any kind of fungal infection, he has lost more weight since he went to the vet, now down to 92 grams from 96, and 106 before "infection". The vet is now not bothered by any of this. This to me seems to be a case of not getting to the bottom of the infection and just let it get worse over time, bring him in when it's too blocked up, put him on anti biotics which does not get rid of it again and repeat until he eventually dies from whatever is going on.

Now from what I read online, clear discharge (not the orange stuff he had yesterday, or yellow a few days before that, that the vet no longer cares about) in the nose can be normal and a way of clearing things blocking the pathway. The vet has never answered and just keeps saying just see if it gets blocked and then come in (a true politician answer), but will not answer whether it is normal or not. So can someone clarify if clear liquid is actually part of a normal nasal cleaning process?

Also what has people's experience been with their birds and methods to keep nasal pathway clear? I've got a humidifier recently, are there any solutions I can put in a nebuliser that helps open up nostrils? I've also heard F10 SC can be diluted down and used in a nebuliser, but yet again the vet refuses to answer, probably because then I have to bring alvin in and stress him out so the vet gets more money.


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May 27, 2020
I do not have experience in this but I do have experience in respiratory infections. The vet normally listens to the birds lungs and tells me if he hears anything abnormal. If there is an abnormality he tells me his hypothesis and then we proceed from there. Normally we will do a culture sensitivity test which will tell you what type of bacteria and what antibiotic it's sensitive to (which antibiotic to us).

Have you been offered a culture sensitivity test for your bird? I'd not I'd see if you can get one. I do know your birds weight loss is not normal and is a sign something is going on. In your position I'd call parrot rescues and ask for advice (theyve seen everything) and who they take their birds to (look at the bad reviews).


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Aug 2, 2018
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The only bird I had that had clear nasal discharge, had chronic sinus infections her whole life. When she was being raised ( nit by me by breeder) she aspirated formula, had an infection and scared one nostril, they put her back with her mom to let mom burd save her. Anyway when ever she had a clear runny nose she had an infection. None of my other parrots ever have a clear discharge as a normal thing. When my quaker Penny almost died from an infection, she would intermittently have a clear drop from one nostril. If I wasn't with her 24/7 it would have been easy to miss , it was just one drop, then dry then next day one drop. Anyway once she recovered she has had zero wet drops from nostril.

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