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Nov 9, 2006
one orange wing
Oh great joy more guilt piling in on me....
I received 2 books for Christmas which both stated that parrot owners who did NOT have the wings clipped were cruel.... they were thoughtless and needed to look at their own deep feelings as perhaps they felt trapped and were in fact dealing with themselves and their inadequaceies :17:
Ok .. I quickly dragged out he Rosemary Lowe book which says what I feel "they are birds" and birds fly duh!!!
I always felt it was a personal choice ..but these books made me feel quite upset.

Support and reassurance required :smile040:
Clipping or not clipping IS A PERSONAL CHOICE Bucc is fully flighted and that is my choice. I don't listen to books that tell me I SHOULD clip my bird. If however, Bucc was in any danger, by being flighted then I wouldn't hesitate to clip.

I feel I have given him choices, I tend not to get too many bites from him (I have had some good ones also) now as he has the choice to stay with me or fly off. That is just my opinion as I don't have the other side of the story as all my birds are fully flighted.

We have members here who's birds are clipped and they have made the choice for the best of their bird just as I have made the choice to leave Bucc fully flighted.

If you want your bird fully flighted then ignore the parts in those books that say YOU MUST have clipped birds, You and you alone are able to determine if your bird is able to fly about your home without injuring himself. There is no right or wrong thing in regards wing clipping, its a bit like raising our human children, we raise them how we see fit, and by what we think is the right thing to do. Good luck with any decision you make, please let us know what you decide.

Clipped or flighted we respect that decision as being right for you. Good Luck. :07:
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Thank you Peta,
I was feeling sorry for myself. Those authors were most condemning in their opinions.

I stood against the "norm" by keeping my horse unshod ,unbitted and homeopathic so..... I really didn't feel like another alienation.:47:
I am aware that I am pig minded ,But,I am never evangelical about what I do and never feel qualified to judge others.

Anyhoo I love it when I squawk and her ladyship flies to my aid, which taught me that when she squawks I should return the same level of concern, and at least check out how big the spider really is :eek:

I have just gone to check whats for T....The 2 carnivores in my house ate a turkey for 5...yesterday so its off to the shops for me.
My CAG came with her wings clipped. I am thinking og letting her clippings grow out, so she will have the option to fly. If she continues to do the "crash and burn" or other safty reasons; I might go and clip them again, but i would love to have her be able to fly around.
Your welcome, it really gets me spitting mad when people are so condemming, :mad: I know this is a very controversial subject, but you can have two parrot experts and one would say definately clip the other would say fully flighted. :eek: Arrrrrrrrrrgh, who should we go with in that situation, the only people qualified to answer the question The parrot's human.

I have just gone to check whats for T....The 2 carnivores in my house ate a turkey for 5...yesterday so its off to the shops for me.

I managed to find the smallest turkey ever, thought that would be plenty, but we are still eating it. Dogs, cats, birds have all had some of it, and now we are eating the last of it in sandwiches. :eek:
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Darkchi that was well cool.... as my boys may say.
Feeling so much better.

Dont know if anyone seen news today ,but, we had an earthquake in Dumfries thats Dumfries Scotland... Second one we have had on a boxing day.
I was at the farm. the ground shook and all the farm buildings were shaking.
I thought animals were supposed to sense and warn you..not my lot:confused:

Ah Peta I also managed with ease to introduce the harness...but... what a fight getting it off she was unbelivable we were both knackered and cuddled in for a makin up nap
The Parrot University is a great site, the guy Steve Hartman is brilliant. I got my harness from him. He has some amazing birds. On the fourth picture down is Jim and Sharon, they own two fully flighted macaws and are amazing. He has taught me a lot about Positive reinforcement and it really works well.
I haven't clipped my Grey's wings. She came with them clipped. I think they clipped them too short at the breeder, because she was having issues with being clumsy. I've noticed now that her wings are growing out she no longer has problems. I'm debating this decision right now. Do I clip her, or leave her be? I don't have biting issues with her, and she pretty much stays with me or wherever I put her. I'm also worried she will remember me doing it and be mad at me (Silly I know LOL!).

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