Cockatiel and Mulga compatible cagemates?


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Dec 2, 2012
Khaleesi, Mulga Hen Australian Parakeet-hd: 10/29/12
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Lady, Lutino Hen
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I am going to get a Mulga, many colored, Australian female parakeet in a couple weeks. Somewhere down the line I would love to own a Cockatiel. I was curious if they would make good cagemates or if i would need to house them seperately? I have a cage that measures 35.25" H x 21" W x 32" D, the side is removable so i could place an identical cage beside it to double the size or leave them as two seperate cages if need be. I have only been able to find very little info on the Mulga so any insight into this type of bird would be appreciated! I am excited to get into the world of birds!
Welcome to the forum. I looked up Mulga parrots and couldn't find info on compatible species so I looked up information on mulga parrots and compatible cage mate. The site said that the mulga species is an aggresive bird while the cockatiel is a passive bird referring to how they are with other birds. Sounds like you may have to keep them in seperate cages. By the way those mulga parrots are very pretty and their is a lot of information about them on the web:)
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I guess i will have to do some research again. Before i was trying to find out what they were like as pets but i couldnt find much more than generic info about the bird, like what was on the wikipedia page. If i have to house them seperately, would they be ok having outside the cage playtime together? I might have to reconsider and just wait to get my cockatiel to avoid any dangerous situations.
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First of all, you need to always practice Quarantine for at least 30 days apart in a separate room! Actual Quarantine is to be completely separate in different buildings cause they still share the same air within the same building/house. BUT it is still safer as they can still past something else you don't want to your other bird. Then a vet visit to check for any potential health issues they may have. Then place them together after your 30days is up.

Next introduce, cage side by side or across, anywhere they can see one another. There is no guarantee they will like each other but I highly don't suggest it as a lot of the grass parakeets are actually aggressive towards other birds, this one included! Although they're beautiful, they don't really make good pets you can handle. They're basically for looks such as Rosellas!
Well first off cockatiels can be bullied by other birds. As already stated you have to quariantine and there is no guarentee the birds will get along. I have read grass parakeets make good apartment birds because they are not loud. However, they need a big flight cage or aviary and it is best to leave them flighted. Their wings are important to them and they do not climb that well as other parrots can. They also do best with thier own kind.
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Thanks for your help! I will also have to talk to the breeder and see what she thinks but i might just have to wait on another bird.

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