Cockatiel eggs pipping questions please any advice


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Jun 21, 2021
I currenting have 5 eggs incubating in a homemade incubator everything that is needed for the eggs have been met as all 5 have life.
Now the first egg has started pipping 28 hours ago . It still only has a small hole. I have tried to read and do research on the matter but not much is found.

I need to know now that the baby has a hole to breathe through does the temperature and humidity need to drop or stay the same in the incubator?

Should i move it out of the incubator during the pipping process?

also do they have enough food to stay alive for another 20 hours? And after they hatch does the 8-12 hours without feeding still apply after they have been pipping for so long?
Egg#2 has also started pipping but not broken through yet. Chirping is coming from both eggs.


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Oct 24, 2019
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Is there enough humidity in the incubator? If not stick a small container of water in there to add the extra humidity. If there isn’t enough humidity chicks will get stuck in the egg. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN THE EGG YOURSELF. Dip your finger in the water and very lightly rub over the shell of the egg, the little bit extra moisture will make the egg easier for the chick to get out of.
As soon as it breaks out you’ll need to rehydrate it with some feed. Humidity is key at the moment, as soon as you increase the humidity inside the incubator something should happen

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