Cockatiel whistle/imitating training


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Mar 26, 2022
Hello! I have a 3-5 month old cockatiel named Kiko :)

The breeder we got him from told us that he is male. So far, he has been showing male behaviour. He is also VERY loud and talkative. He lovesss to scream and “whistle” in his own voice 🥰

I was wondering if someone could share tips and tricks on how to teach him certain whistling tunes and teach him to imitate things, or say easy things like “peekaboo.”

How long do I need to spend a day teaching or repeating something for him to pick it up? Can cockatiels his age learn or will I be wasting my time? Oh, and: is it alright to teach him through a recording on my phone? (What I mean is that will he repeat after me if he learns from my phone and not me directly? Maybe I can record my own voice and loop it?)

Also, can someone tell me good and SIMPLE beginner-friendly cockatiel tunes, sounds, tricks, etc :)

Thanks to anyone who replies! 🦩

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