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Jul 12, 2012
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So, winter is almost upon us again and I’m just wondering, does anyone take their birds out when it’s in the 50s? That’s pretty typical daytime temps here. Reason I ask- the stroller I bought at a garage sale has kicked the bucket and I’m getting the fancy modular system that is designed for 2 kids but I’m rigging to hold Cas and Kiwi in his POB. I have a plastic stroller cover that keeps wind/rain off, so I’m wondering if a healthy bird would be good to be outdoors in cooler but not freezing temps if not getting hit by wind or rain? I’m not sure I plan to take him on long walks or anything, but he does love running errands with us and the weather for that in a mesh sided carrier is almost over for the next 6 months.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Its not the cold per se that is harmful (although below 50 for a lenghty time is likely not OK), but the change from a heated house at say 68F to 50F abruptly is not good for them. Same goes for being in a AC'd house to going outside where its 98F. Its the quick change thats bad for them. LOL, I'm a chaep SOB so my house is not so heated in winter and not so cold in summer.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Bright Sunshine, Zero Wind, and shielded from the forward movement 'breeze' Kiwi can create a warm area between the outer body feathers and the skin.

BUT!!! It is really important to condition him to cooler weather by allowing some time on your porch. This way he develops a thicker than normal downy feather layer!

Got a couple of hot water bottles? Place them on a couple of towel to keep from loosing heat from the bottom. Heat rises and the exposed (or single layer of paper towel) will add heat for him.

NOTE: This is provided for experienced Parrot Owners ONLY that know when their Parrot need to go home and not the extended outing!

Happy to hear from you dear friend!

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