Congo african grey refuses pellets.

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Aug 31, 2021
African grey parrot
Hi everyone!
I have a question regarding pellets
I have a 23 year old congo african grey. I feed him fruits,nuts and vegetables as well as legumes.
I saw a while ago that pellets are a must in parrots diet but the thing is.. throughout his life he was never interested in pellets.
We had other birds who all would have pellets and love them except for him.
I recently tried Zupreem’s fruit blend, he refused it at the beginning but then he regurgitated it all up.
I took him to multiple vet appointments and he had nothing related to this problem and was told that these pellets are just not suitable for him and that the food I give is already enough nutritions.
Is this normal? Do parrots sometimes just hate something like this? Should I try a different pellet mix? We tried many throughout these years and it never seems to work.
Now I’m afraid that trying may cause him to vomit again or regurgitate as the vet said.
I would appreciate more information about this and thank you in advance!


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Aug 21, 2010
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Welcome to you and your African Grey! There are endless nutrition guidelines, opinions, and scientific basis for feeding parrots by species. Greys are prone to Vitamin A and calcium deficiencies. My entire flock enjoys pellets as secondary source to fresh vegetables and fruits. Please know Greys are stubbornly resistant to change, so calibrate your timeline of expectations!!

The best pellet is one your bird will eat, know the process may involve trial and error to find one palatable. That said, carefully read ingredients, keeping in mind many are laden with corn and sugars. Not pushing Harrison's, but my flock easily converted using their protocol - should work for any brand.

Two helpful links:


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Apr 23, 2010
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Something I often recommend for parrots reluctant to eat pellets is to soften some in water or unsweetened fruit juice. Put some pellets in a small glass (a shot glass works well), add just enough liquid to moisten them and let them sit for a short time until they're soft. Put some in your Grey's food dish or offer some on a small spoon. Discard any uneaten ones after half an hour or so. Often parrots will take to the softened pellets quicker than dry ones, and will usually eventually eat them dry too. Both my Grey and my Quaker parrot enjoy some softened pellets every day-- they think they're getting a special treat-- and they eat dry ones too. Some brands offer Grey-specific pellet formulations that may work better for your parrot so you may want to try one of those instead of the standard formulations.


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Nov 22, 2015
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It's often said that the best pellet for your parrot is the one that he will eat! Parrots can be extremely picky on what they eat, and Greys even more so sometimes. Took me a year + to get my little Amazon, Salty, to even try Roudybush pellets and those are the only ones he ill eat. A lot of discarded pellets and pellet brands later, and thats still the ones he ill eat, and sparingly at that. so chin up, be persistent and follow the suggestions above to entice him to try the pellet of choice, and know that yo are not alone in this pproblem1


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Aug 2, 2018
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Oven baked bites seem well liked by my birds. I like the ingredients.

You can also hide pellets if your choice in foods. Grind them up, add to scrambled eggs, to some oatmeal, use in a birdie muffins you make , mix in with some cooked mixed vegetables and sort if make a sauce to add over quinoa or a little pasta. I even mix in a little to yogurt. Maybe even a mini smoothly you make for him. I'm sneaky!!

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