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Nov 17, 2020
Hey all, new here and I’ve been having some issues recently with our Ringneck (Flippers).

I got her last year September and is going to be a year old in May. She currently has her cage in my bedroom due to space.

Problem 1:
The contact calling has been going on for a while now, she would start as soon as i leave the room or go into the en-suite bathroom that i have (Whether she is in her cage or out). She knows straight away that there is no one in the room and will start calling. I’ve been working on this by leaving some music on when i leave her and make sure she has enough to forage and play with but it doesn’t seem to help.

Problem 2: Contact calling when I’m in the room.
The contact calling also happens if she is in her cage and I am at my desk facing away from her, she will cling onto the front and go at it!

This behaviour has now gotten worse to the point where she will now call when she is out of her cage, with me in the room with her. I will be right next to her trying to do some training or just generally interact with her and she will start making her call. When she does I ignore it and walk away from her, but it seems like her behaviour has declined.

Im at the point where I’m not sure what to do with her, am i doing something wrong? Or are hormones kicking in? Is she going through any major changes now that she going to be a year old?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
May 2, 2021
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Wow, that sounds rough! I have a similar experience with my female budgie, Picasso, so I'll tell you some possible causes and what's worked for me.

When a bird contact calls it isn't always because they want you. In some cases, they have heard a sound that they are curious about, or they are scared and looking for their flock to keep them safe.

Now, if Cossie (Picasso's nickname) contact calls when I'm out of the room, I'll come in and just reassure her that I'm here, and everything's ok. It can also be helpful for you to establish your own 'contact call', meaning a word or short phrase you say back to your bird whenever they call to you. This can just reassure them that you're there, you're safe, and they aren't alone.

Contact calling when you're in the room usually means they are curious about something outside of the room. You usually just have to sit it out. Having earplugs or noise cancelling headphones (even ear defenders) can help, though.


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Aug 2, 2018
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It is breeding season and my quakers are doing a lot of mate calling loudness lol...

Not sure if b is your issue


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Apr 25, 2020
Do you have a perch or station for your bird that can be in the room you’re in?

Parrots usually have company; a lone bird is in danger. Your bird wants to be with you. Can you make it so she is more often in the same room with you? I have a basket in my bedroom for my Quaker to perch on if I’m in my bedroom.

Also, it helps to answer the contact call. Like, β€œit’s ok, I’m in the bathroom.” Or β€œI miss you too. I’ll be back.” That might help with some of her anxiety and cut down on these calls. They do have a reason and purpose: she is saying β€œhi! Where are you? I’m all alone! Alone! Alone!”

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