Conure and Pionus


Aug 16, 2022
Bronze-winged Pionus
Nanday Conure
Red Headed Conure
I rescued a conure and a pionus from a bad home in August last year. We've kept them in seperate aviaries since then
The conure is very friendly and loving, but the pionus is not and we are currently unable to handle him.

The conure often sits on the pionus' cage and they chat, and I have been hesitant to let them go together, mainly because the pionus can be aggressive towards me. However, I noticed that the pionus was getting very excited and kept running around the cage to get close to the conure, so I decided to bite the bullet and let them spend a little highly supervised time together. The first meeting went well. So did the second.

Now they are meeting number 3; the two of them have been together for half and hour and the pionus has been lowering his head and allow the conure to preen him...
I have no plans to leave them together permanently, but has anyone else got experience of keeping these two species together?


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Feb 20, 2022
They're so cute!

I'm temporarily fostering a Nanday conure like yours and a Senegal, who is about the same size as your Pionus.

They've lived in the same house together for years and years but have separate cages. They do really well out together and are usually out all day.

Yours look like they're even better friends than my two visitors :)

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