Conure breeders in Melbourne?


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Nov 30, 2022
Melbourne, Australia
So I am currently planning on getting a conure sometime early next year. I live in Australia, around Melbourne and have been trying to find popular and well priced breeders that I might possibly buy from. I have my heart set on a Turquoise GCC and I am already aware that they are a bit more expensive than the regular GCC. So far I've looked into a couple breeders around the Melbourne area, I have contacted them to ask them about how much one of their Turquoise GCC's would cost, and I haven't found any breeder that sells them for any lower than $800. Whilst I will admit that I am not incredibly educated about the value of all GCC mutations I still feel that $800-$1000 is a little pricey. Do there happen to be any breeders around Melbourne that sell for less, I understand that a good quality bird would be expensive but I'm trying to find as many options as possible.

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