Conure diet help pleaseeee


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Jan 18, 2022
1 sun conure Mango 2 parakeets Chaly and Nigel
Hi everyone I've posted a few stories about my rescue sun conure Mango. Everyday im working with her on the biting and screaming and I am seeing progress. Well the woman who had her before me had her on a wild bird food diet of sun flower seeds and peanuts also with treats of toast and grapes. I went out and ive gotten her 2 different types of pellets and I cut off vegetables and greens for her everyday and she still won't eat them. I use sunflower seeds for our training but im worried she is not eating well at all. Im determimd to keep trying. Ive put seeds on the veggies, ive tried cutting them into different sizes and she still just moves the stuff around but won't eat it. I usually make a mix with greens,peppers,broccoli, and sometimes I put apples on top to peak her interest because she likes them. She doesn't fly around much which I'm working on getting her to spend time out of the cage and atleast she will fly back to her cage when I take her out. Im super worried she is on her way to overweight. Any tips anyone?

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