Conure plucking??


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Dec 22, 2021
Green cheek conure
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For about the past 3 days I’ve noticed his chest feathers looking a little ruffled and didn’t think much of it as my other birds are currently molting, but it’s gotten a lot worse looking. I fear he may be plucking feathers but I don’t know why as nothing has changed from the time i’ve had him. ive checked my other birds and they’re not sick at all and seem on good health. He’s nearing 1 year old right now, I have him on a diet of pellets, seed, and fresh fruit and veggies. Nothings changed dropping wise that i’ve seen so far? My only guess as to something that might’ve made him sick is that he’ll commonly put his food and other things he can find in his water, and it might’ve marinated overnight and i couldn’t change it in time? like maybe he put something bad in there and drank it, but even then that’s just a guess


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Cryanine, it does look like he has started barbering his feathers. Affected areas are in the classic distribution of what he can reach first.

For pet parrots, this may often start after puberty (as a GCC he is an adolescent at 1 year).

There are medical causes (a vet exam and blood work can evaluate for those), but most of the time it is psychological. There are environment and enrichment changes that can be made to optimize his happiness: does he interact with the other birds? Does he have enough space, toys, attention, etc.

It’s important to get in to see an avian vet ASAP. They can also prescribe meds that can help reduce or stop this behavior so it doesn’t progress… chronic plucking can cause permanent follicular damage. Very important to get on top of this quickly.

Hope this helps and best wishes for you and your birby!


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Aug 2, 2018
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Above is great advice.
If this is sudden then vet check. Because pain and discomfort can cause them to do this. It is unusual for a green cheek to pluck.

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