Conure randomly gets hyper on shoulder


Jan 16, 2021
So I have a GCC who is coming up on 10 months old. When he is on my shoulder randomly , and I can tell when it’s gonna happen everytime, he starts to talk and go a little crazy shifting side to side and after he does that specifically in order he will lightly nip my neck/ear. If I were to let him continue he’d probably cuddle on my neck and nip my neck and ear but I remove him from my shoulder before he can continue. I know he has a bond with me as his person but could this be hormones? He does this with no one else in the house when it comes to the neck situation. I know they start around 1-2 years old but he just seems so much more hyper these past 2 months lol.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Mine at 8 years sometimes does this to get my attention, naughty girl. Lol I shift her to my hand.

Once GCC are adults like yours, they learn to use that beak to keep us in line. They also are less tolerance of stuff than when a baby. I think of them as the cats of tge parrot world, pet me! Oh I will bite yiu! Pet me now! Mine would bite me every single day at some poin, if I didn't pay attention to her body language. If I bump a feather abd she gets huffy, I just give her a few seconds to calm down and mumble parrot curse words I'm sure at me.


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May 8, 2017
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This may be quite irrelevant but I have noticed that Syd does the same before he gets off and toilets. Now it may be coincidence but I have tried taking the action as a prompt and taken him to an appropriate place and giving him time. Inevitably he performs. I am still not sure and to be honest I haven't been consistent to really find out.

Ok this is what just happened. He was asleep on my shoulder and suddenly started dancing around and biting my ear. So to prove the above theory I got up with him and put him in his cage with the doors open. He pooped straight away. So the question has to be, is he like a toddler bouncing from foot to foot crying ' mummy I need to go!' The jury is still out!
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