Curing silicone inside?


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Apr 28, 2020
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Hi again everyone, this is a bit of a weird post but I wanted people's opinions on if this is safe or not (I plan on calling my vet in the morning and asking just to be safe). Long story short I have a bioactive set up for my reptile it's super big and it's located upstairs it sprung a leak and I'm unable to disassemble the whole thing and bring it downstairs to reseal it. The tank is about 10ish feet away from my bird's room, and I want to seal it with silicone, I know it emits fumes but it says it can be used indoors if there's good ventilation. If I open the windows and keep my air purifiers running and put towels under the door to their room do we think my birds will be okay? My gut says no but my family thinks it'll be fine, I'm at a loss.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Silicone is a generic name for a very wide group of like sealing products. That group has very different drying time lines based on cure time. Once cured (stops off-gassing) they become safe.

Reread with detail the one you plan to use and it warnings. Placing a fan in the window blowing any off-gassing out of that room to the great outdoors will greatly reduce the risk for your Parrots.

Note: Depending on the specific Silicone product you are using the cure time can be a couple of hours up to 24 hours.

Note: The off-gassing from the silicone family of products is very light and can move anywhere within the home if not directed by use of a fan to direct them outside.

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