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Jan 31, 2016
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I told Dolly's story to a moderator as I am new here and couldn't post she gave me some tips and suggested I write about Dolly's story in here. I had been looking for a bird to adopt for some time maybe its that we live way in the country but had no luck getting even to go and see one. Originally I was looking for an African Gray to bring home as my baby. But one day a month before Christmas I went to a small local pet store and came across a a beautiful Macaw sitting alone in its cage tucked away in a dark room. The owner turned the light on so I could see better and although I could only see through glass I met Dolly for the first time I could see she had over preened and pulled out and damaged some feathers. There where no toys in her cage except a swing and a bell. I discovered she had sat alone in that cage for three years never allowed out unless her cage was being cleaned and had very little human interaction because the owner was afraid of being bitten. I went back to visit her a few more times and found out that she had been hand reared by a young man and was fully tamed and well trained and over two years old when his circumstances meant he had to sell her to the pet shop where she sat alone in the corner of a dark room until I found her. I could not get her out of my mind so after long talks with my husband I went back a week ago and paid the money and brought her home cage and all. So we are both on a new adventure. After the first day I couldn't bear to see her locked in the cage so I placed a huge play gym I purchased beside her cage and opened the door. as I work from home I put her in my home office so I could spend as much time as possible. She sometimes comes out of her cage and climbs to the top but otherwise will not leave the cage area. She has trusted me enough to let me pet and comfort and kiss her although today she has been a bit touchy. She doesn't like to play much and has rejected everything I have tried by tossing it off the cage the only things she has taken from me are some popsicle sticks she shredded and the cardboard tube from toilet rolls which she shreds then tosses away when board with it. She dose seem afraid of anything new and as yet wont go on the play gym at all though from the top of her cage she has tested it with her beak a few times. She has not tried to bite me although she will jut her head forward and snap at me some times when I am standing close playing with her and when I have offered my arm to step up she is alarmed and grabs It with her beak not a bite just a stay away warning and then she backs off. But the rest of the day she sits and dose nothing I know its early days but any help or tips would be greatly appreciated in how to engage and stimulate and or handle her. Dolly is a gold and green/blue Macaw:greenyellow: we don't know if she is male or female to me it doesn't matter but the pet shop called her Dolly so I don't know if that helps with anything lol. Thanks for reading


Jul 23, 2015
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Give her time. Sit with her, talk and read to her. She has to learn she can trust you. I think with time, you two will have a great bond/love with each other. Thank you for giving her a home. Poor thing will be glad to have a new life.


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Nov 27, 2015
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Yes, it is wonderful that you gave her a real home again! Just be patient while she adjusts. She has been isolated for 3 years and now is being exposed to scary new things and people. She needs to take it all in. Just sit by her cage and talk to her, about anything - your day, what's for supper, what a beautiful bird she is... They love sweet talk no matter what you are talking about. Good luck and be patient!


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Nov 22, 2015
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Kudos for adopting this birdie. Take it slow and easy, and use lots of treats. Do you know what her favorite is? Figure that out and now she only gets that from you and your husband, from your hand. What is Dolly's diet now? If she was a pet shop biird, I would imagine it was seed only. Start to change that, to a fruit/veggie and pellet diet, with seeds a very minor part. And we like pictures here, lots n lots of pictures. Good luck and congrats.

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