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Sep 2, 2007
My fiance and I have had our little Orange-Winged Amazon for little under a month now, she was supposed to have finished hand-feeding, by sept, but refuses to eat her mix of seed and pellet. She's a good bird who loves attention and we have just fallen in love with her. She likes having her neck scratched and raises her feathers whenever she wants it...

Lately however she has been acting somewhat weird...

She has started dancing across her perch is bobbing her head and partially spreading her wings, making strange chirping sounds. She sometimes does this with her mouth wide open like shes going to screech, but nothing comes out. Also, every time we try to touch her, she makes a whining noise.

She gets plenty of attention as she barely spends any time in her cage, accept at night, so we dont know whats going on. Any help would be appreciated.
First off welcome to the parrot forums.

My Mealy Amazon does a similar behaivor thing every now and then. I'm still not sure why exactly she does it but it isn't anything worng with her.

Have you had your Amazon to a vet since you got him?
Is this your first parrot?
My macaw does that whenever she really wants something I'm eating, it always reminded me of the way she begged for and then ate her baby formula. My amazon sometimes does it.. but not very often.
So you guys are hand feeding her still? Maybe try a different pellet?
Try offering a bowl with some formula in it mixed with softened pellets. Eventually move to just softened pellets, then softened mixed with normal ones. If you decide to offer seeds (and I would stick to the pellets while you have an easy choice of what to feed her, the seeds are really not the best food and it is SO hard to switch some birds later on) you can mix them in as well. Anything you can do to make the new food seem more like the old food will make the transition easier.
You might also want to try pretending to eat the food in front of her and acting like you really like it, if you haven't already. That worked for my brat when she was little. Now she doesn't believe me anymore:)
Whats her name?
Welcome & Goodluck!!
Agree with Flyte!!!

Have you taken her to a vet? Called your vet? You need to do that.

Do all as Flyte said but get your baby into a vet. You're on a weekend and that's always 'trouble time' (emergency animal clinics are not always staffed for fids, exotics, rodents, etc.) but sustain first. It could be you're darling was given to you too early and it could be that you're darling is just manipulating you around the toe-nail. But, don't mess. Sustain through the long weekend (as it seems ok) and then call your vet on the first normal business day.
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We've found an Avian vet we're taking her to as soon as we have time and can make an appointment. To answer forum questions

-This is our first mutual bird, though we've both had parakeets and Cockatiels before. (I know, I'm a terrible speller)

-Given our love of Pirate history, we decided on "Captain Teague" for a name.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

She's kind of weird, she makes a whining noise when you try to pick her up, but then she reaches out to you. Its the same when you try and touch her.
Glad you found an Avian Vet. Very cute name!!! :D

She sounds like she is certainly going to be a lot of fun for you guys!!! Karen has an Orange Winged Amazon maybe she could let you know if her's makes any of the same sounds in the same situation.

Orange Winged Amazons are real clowns so hopefully you will share some funny stories and pictures with us!!! :D

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