Ducks and Parrot?


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Apr 26, 2020
Hello! Hoping to get some advice from those who have experience with poultry and parrots. We were recently given the opportunity to adopt some Muscovy ducks from a neighbor. We have a large pond and live on 5 acres. We also have an umbrella cockatoo. The cockatoo lives indoors and would not be in close proximity to the ducks who would be kept outside. What i?m concerned about is how likely is it that the ducks could spread disease to the parrot? Are there many diseases communicable between species? Is it easy to spread through things like our shoes/clothing/etc? We would of course be as careful as possible to wash hands and avoid cross contamination. I?m just concerned how big of a risk it is and if others have had any issues? Thanks!


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Jun 19, 2021
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I do not have experience with poultry and parrots, but I think I can add some thoughts the discussion.

Quite often domestic birds can develop a disease after getting in touch with the feces of wild birds that landed close to their cage or in outside perches that the domestic bird uses.

Without the ducks the odds were little to have a sick wild bird contaminating the area where your parrot lives. The ducks, however will stay there indefintely, producing a possible reservoir for diseases that might last longer in your parrot neighborhood, even contaminating wild birds that can come closer to your parrot.

Other than that, I do not think that clothes can be that contaminated to sick your parrot, washing hands is always recomended although.


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Jul 10, 2015
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I have a want for my comments to be on the positive side as Poultry /ducks in the case, add an additional dimension to the joy of having birds in one's life.

But, as stated in the Post above. There are solid links between transfer of illnesses between Wild birds and your poultry, you and your companion Parrot. The truth is that it tends to very during any given year. The most dangerous periods being during the normal migrations in the Spring and Fall.

Controlling it becomes more than simple washing of hands as our clothing, shoes, and hair. can be transfer sources. Especially during the highest periods of the year a full clean-up should be observed. Our approach tends to be on the excessive side, but it is the only way to assure you do not transfer. Shoes are removed in the mudroom and left there. Full removal of all clothing and into the wash machine will you take a shower. All before you make contact with your companion Parrot.

Assuming you are in North America you should consider finding and maintaining contact with your States Ag department as their Website will list reports from Farm and Industrial Poultry facilities as specific area and types of infections are being reported.

Enjoy your inside and outside Birds, just assure a good separation!


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Jul 14, 2015
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Wash your hands before handling your parrot.

I've had chickens most of my life, ducks occasionally as well. Good animal husbandry should leave little disease in your flock, and proper hygiene (and common sense) should prevent anything being transmitted.

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