Dumb Daddy, Smart Skitty & the Covid Blues


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Jan 6, 2014
Lewiston, Maine
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So, here is where I get to gloat about just how stupid I have been the past few weeks. I love to do this when it happens because its so rare. Normally, everything I do, I do with such class and brilliance that its like second nature. So when I really screw up, its cause for taking the time to appreciate such a rare occurrence.

Seriously though, like many of you- I have always professed the importance of setting limits and boundaries with our feathered fids and how important consistency is. Much of what you all know was probably learned by my brilliant tips, oops, typo, I mean, learned the same way I did - through research, talking to other conure owners and also learning from your own experiences. So you'd think after having Skittles for nearly 10 1/2 years I wouldn't be prone to screw-ups right? Especially, someone as intelligent as I? Well, it just so happens, I'm not the genius you all thought I was. But not to worry, I'm working on finding you all some good supports! We will get through this together!

So, heres the issue. The past month, as the pandemic has begun to spike again, my patience began to wear on me. I wasn't sure I could deal with all the home-bound stuff again. I'd had enough. Even though I'm usually home most of the time. I wake up around 10a, take my meds, let Skittles out of his sleep cage. We each have our breakfast. I lay back in bed for a few hours and he hangs out on his playstand in the bedroom. I then take my next batch of meds, and do some afternoon activities. Then, I usually have a 2-3hr break where I go out with my neighbor to run errands or shopping about 3-4 days a week. I would call this my "Skitty free time". I'd then come home, give Skitty his bath, his supper, more free flight time and then finally bedtime about 7p. Mind you, Skittles is the LITERAL definition of "velcro bird" and I admit, I let him be that cause thats what I wanted. But that was because I had my 2-3hr break. With the inability to go anywhere outside the house, I chose to nap when I needed a break from him. Then I started having back pain. So I would work on my tablet a lot. I thought I had it figured out what the issues were with his misbehavior in not letting me use it.

With the pandemic, my neighbor and I have been limited to 1-2hrs, 1-2days a week. So I've had to find a common ground. Skittles had always been 'reasonable' with me and I was normally able to make just about anything work with him as long as I could include him in it. He became the kind of bird who just wanted to be nearby, wasn't necessarily the kind that had to 'control' everything. But he started constantly screaming when I wasn't constantly giving him direct attention. I decided to look things up online the other day to see what I was missing. The past few weeks, I realized that I was being a complete and utter moron. Every time he used to scream, I would say "shhhh" real softly, or 'hey, its okay' or something along those lines. When I was on the phone, I'd just smile at him or wave and he'd be quiet. BUT, with my patience at wits end due to other 'non-Skitty' matters, I was yelling at him to be quiet and 'would you shut up' or 'quite being a stinker' whenever he'd screech All in a loud voice. I could not believe how stupid I was. So, for the past three days, I went back to my opposite approach. THANK GOD it worked. I lucked out this time. If he wasn't so smart, he wouldn't be this easy to 're-set'. Of course, if I wasn't so stupid, he wouldn't need resetting.

Point is, this is just a reminder to us all how important consistency is even when we are all being tested in the world we live in. I LOVE this little stinker to death, but I also relish my 7p-3a "Skitty-free" time to myself. But can't do much out in the community at that time when buses are not running. lol. Besides, most places are closed, most stores have bare shelves and most stuff staples cost 3x what they did two years ago. Luckily, I got Skittles a years supply a food about a month ago.


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Nov 6, 2013
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You are far from being a moron, my friend! These are unprecedented times, and I think a lot of people have been dealing with these same issues. Consistency is definitely hard when schedules change, and though I am home all the time anyway several of my friends are having these same issues.
Thank you for posting this, you are not alone and it is a good reminder to us all.

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