Ekkies x Mini Macaw x Golden Conure


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Jan 4, 2022
Hello Everyone,

I am new here and I have researching a lot in the forum about behaviour and hands on experience with some parrots. I am considering to have a new feathered buddy this year and I am reading a lot about Ekkies, Golden Conures and Illiger macaw. I have experience with Amazons. My parents have one he is lovely, 21 years old. His personality is a bit tricky but we got used to it with time. I live in a condo and I am considering medium size birds. I love macaws personality but I am bit concerned about noise level, specially while I am at work. So I started to read a lot about Ekkies, specially male ones. And finally Golden Conures which are very cuddly but I don't know if they are too dependent. My buddy would need to be alone for about 6 hours a day so I am afraid of plucking problems. Ekkies could be somehow a bit more quiet and independent. Of course each bird has his own personality but I would love to share this and have your opinion. Specially about the personality of your birds, how interactive they are, hormonal problems and sociability. My Amazon is a one person bird so I want a buddy that is more easy going, cuddly and fun.


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Ekkies are certainly not considered cuddly, most do not like being touched at all. Illgers are considered scrappy and like most mini-macaws have big mac personalities. Golden conures are pretty rare, but they are conures so if a 'cuddly' parrot is sought that might be the one for you. $$$ though.


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Wow, high expectations of a bird. I have no experience with macs, but I do have some with ekkies and amazons. You seem to have an idea of amazons, so I'll focus more on the eclectus side of things.

Any parrot in a condo has huge potential to make neighbors unhappy. While my ekkie is more outgoing with most people, he's still very much a daddy's boy, and lets me know if I walk by without paying attention to him. Heaven forbid I leave the room without his approval! He's SUBSTANTIALLY louder than my amazon when I don't behave to his liking. LOL! Short story, there's no guarantee of anything resembling a quiet parrot. It could happen, but if not, you're looking for a new home, or the bird is. Not at all fair to the bird.

As my friend wrench said above, ekkies are not known for being cuddly, and many don't want to be touched at all. Mine is a bit of an exception in that regard, but I assure you, they don't like it if you mess up "the doo." Only petting front to back, and only on their terms, otherwise, you might kiss your fingers goodbye. If they push you away, that's a hard NO, and they mean it.

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