Elby did so well at the vet!!!


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Oct 19, 2014
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My lovebird, Elby, had her yearly wellness yesterday. For the past 3 years when I've taken her in for her wellness, my usual vet has either suggested that she was too nervous/agitated to even attempt bloodwork, or was unable to draw enough blood or any blood at all because of her squirming. I kind of had the feeling that maybe it would be the same this year, but of course it's still worth it to have her seen in case they notice something I don't, so I brought her in with a little tote bag of treats to eat on the way home.

I had a different vet this time--and wow, it made a huge difference! No shade to my usual vet, he's so good with my birds and I trust him and think he's a very qualified and smart guy, but I think Elby has a bit of gender bias tbh. The vet yesterday was a lady, and she told me after the blood draw that Elby was of course nervous but very still and cooperative when they pricked her. It makes sense--my household is ladies only (me, my wife, and my mom)... and aside from the occasional guest, who usually wouldn't even step foot near her cage much less attempt to handle her, my usual vet is the only male who she would interact with. I feel kind of silly for not realizing sooner and requesting a female vet years ago!

I haven't gotten the results back yet, I'm thinking it'll be business as usual with everything in normal ranges but I'm so glad we're going to have this in her file.

Also, one of the vet techs there actually knows Elby--she's the one who named Elby for that matter!!! Elby was found outside and then relinquished to a clinic this tech used to work for, and she fostered her before Elby eventually reached me. I always love chatting with this vet tech, she loves Elby so much and I can really tell that she appreciates the occasional visit to reassure her that Elby is doing well. We had a good chat this last time where she told me that she had good success hand taming Elby by the typical "hand in the cage by the couch for hours" method that is oft-advised, but which I haven't been able to try because Elby is actually living in a flight cage that would be cumbersome if not impossible to move by the couch for chill sessions... I only interact with Elby when she comes out, and even then she only pops over to the couch occasionally. So, I think I may (temporarily) relocate her to my quarantine cage, which I can easily relocate to the couch to hang out with her. I have pretty much accepted that Elby will probably never be a cuddler, but she has been willing to stand on my hand to eat nutriberries (provided I don't move a muscle lol) so I do think with some more pointed effort to build trust she may at least step up. I feel like I so often just accept that a pet just isn't the affectionate type and stop working toward building trust so as to not make them leave their comfort zone, but realistically if she is able to open up and trust me more she will also benefit, not just me, so I think it's worth a slightly smaller cage for a little while to try.

Thanks for reading yall! I'm just really happy that Elby did so well at the vet~
Elby's successful vet visit and connection with the vet tech are positive. Building trust and strengthening the bond with Elby can be achieved by temporarily relocating her to a smaller cage for focused interaction.
Awesome news and a big win at the vet! Way to go!

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