Escape artist...and unknown gender, HELP please...

Nov 12, 2019
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So yesterday we found what we thought was a very sweet looking boy that would (eventually) become Skye’s buddy. Well either the store caught the wrong bird, or my eyes and the light are playing tricks on me, plus the new one is an escape artist. He flew out once when I went to change his/her food. Then he/she decided that the cage wasn’t any fun and let itself out! Twice. Through the food doors. So I’ve caught this poor baby 3 times in less than 12 hours. The local hardware store is closed. It’s a mom and pop shop. Obviously I’d rather shop local but if I have to I can go to Home Depot tomorrow. What can I use to secure the cage?

Given that we have 3 cats they cannot under any circumstances let themselves out for safety reasons. I will also add that I opted NOT to have the wings clipped for the new bird. No name yet, waiting until we knowledge the gender first.

The other issue I’m having is depending on the lighting the cere literally changes color. So I have no clue if we brought home a boy, or a girl. If it’s a girl I’m looking at a whole new set up. It’s not a problem, I just really don’t want babies. So this begs the question of IF I can house a male and female without breeding, and how the heck do I keep this new bird in his or her cage safely? I added 2 pics below, please let me know what you all think for gender. I honestly don’t care either way, I just need to know if I need a whole larger setup for the new one or not. I’m really trying to avoid putting a female with a male. It’s just not something I’m willing to do...disposal of infertile eggs is fine, but I DO NOT WANT BABIES!

The new bird is in Skye’s old cage. It was thoroughly cleaned with vinegar, then bleach and left outside for a few days, then another complete cleaning with vinegar. We did buy all new toys and perches for the new bird, plus a whole bunch of new stuff for Skye’s cage. Skye doesn’t really like changes so we are adding new items for Skye slowly.

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Dec 20, 2016
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I want to say that it's a male.

As for keeping him in the cage, I've had my fair share of escape artists, and my current budgie, Tyler, is one of them.
I use paper clips to secure the door, however I have had birds take the paper clips off or break them. I've also used zip ties, and the clips that come on some bird toys to hang them. Those clips worked the best as the birds can't chew through them, and budgies aren't strong enough to open them.

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