Excessive begging help!


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Mar 25, 2021
Hi guys,

We have a beautiful 6 year old Congo African Grey name Vinnie who we’ve had since he was 12 weeks old.

We’ve just moved house and it’s been the first big change for Vinnie that he’s ever really had other than staying with family while we’ve gone on holiday (which he’s always been completely fine about!). Since moving in Vinnie has been excessively begging, wings low and flapping, squeaking etc whenever we leave him alone in the room, even just to go to the kitchen where he can see and hear us still. He’s completely fine when one of us is sat in the room with him but gets himself really worked up when we leave him even for a few seconds.

The problem is that his wings are scraping on his perches and it’s making the edges of his wings start to look really tattered and sore. I’m really worried he’ll end up with open sores on him from the excessive begging. I’ve ordered some smooth perches (he currently has a variety and it’s the rougher perches he’s messing his wings up on) to swap them out with until he’s settled but wondered if anyone has experienced anything like this before and how to best manage it?

Thanks in advance from a worried little grey owner!


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Jul 10, 2015
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Yes, it's not one of the top items to define illness, but 'major' changes can be difficult on their health. So, it is worth providing a well bird example by a Avian Medical Professional.

If your Grey is not in the main section of the new home, move him to where everyone is in.

Real estate tour of your new home. When on you, take him for a full home introduction. We do this everything something new is added or something is changed /moved about. This commonly provides one's Parrot a comfort that everything is as it should be.

Having your Parrot out and with his family is always very important.


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Sep 21, 2017
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Sailboat is right here, if he's unsure he will be clingy. Let him shoulder surf with you, take him around the house and spend some time in each room and basically introduce him to the house and anything new. Allow him to get next to new things, Enzo will greet anything inanimate, light switches, door handles what ever.... she has a sort of introduction thing where she puts her beak on new things and clicks. Make sure you are relaxed when you both 'explore' the new surroundings, enjoy exploring together, make excitement sounds etc. This will help him enjoy 'new' things and also show the new house is safe and actually quite a fun place to be.

These greys pick up on your emotions even before you realise you are acting differently, they certainly pick up your excitement.... so again, if you enjoy exploring with Vinnie, its a positive experience and a fun, and not scary place to be.

good luck, this isnt a negative, this is another opportunity for you two to share positive experiences.

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