Faint ring around the Iris


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Apr 17, 2024
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Hello everyone, meet Pochita or Po Chan.

I got him 2 weeks ago for my female. He is around 2 years old.

He was in a very bad condition when I got him. He has never been out of his cage and cannot fly. He has also been on complete seed diet. His feathers show dark streaks probably from being bored as they left him caged alone in some quiet room with nothing to do.

I took him to a vet to get a general checkup done and the vet said he looks fine but needs to be quarantined before I let him in with my flock.

I noticed today that he has a faint ring around his iris. My one year old Alex does not have that. Is this normal?

Also, he will be out and around after two weeks. Any tips on how to get him to fly? He is really overweight and needs lots of exercising. I won’t be surprised if he has a fatty liver as Alexandrines are prone to one.

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I'm glad you're here. This is THE place to be for support and info. While you're waiting for replies, I'd suggest using the search engine to browse previous threads on your topics..
Oh, and... some ideas on pellets.
They need veggies, legumes, grains... pellets are a good staple. Here's what I use.
I feed Harrison's, supplemented by fresh healthy treats. My first, and later, my current avian vet recommended it. My bird loves the pellets now, but to get him converted, my avian vet suggested putting pellets out all day, and putting seeds (his old diet) out for two 15-minute periods a day. That would sustain him but leave him hungry enough to try new stuff. I presume the same technique could be used to get him to eat other healthy stuff, like fruits and vegetables! My guy was eating pellets in a couple of days, and now I can feed a good variety of other stuff, knowing he has the pellets as a basic. Pellets are out all day... fresh treats a few times a day. I also like Harrison's via mail because I never have to worry about out-of-date products.

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