Favorite Macaw toys


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Dec 18, 2020
My greenwing Bubba is 39yrs old. Had him since 4 months old.
My living room looks like a trash can with all kinds of plastic bottles and containers.
I put a few pennies in some of them to make noise.
He loves pushing them, throwing them and attacking them. it's funny to watch.
He even takes them off the carpet to hard floor because it makes more noise.
If I get on the phone, he gets pissed and starts throwing them around so I have to pick up the squirt bottle to get him to stop at times. Just picking it up sends the message . : )
He also loves his tennis ball Laing on his back and holding it in his feet rolling around on the floor.


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Dec 18, 2020
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Well if I squirt him, its once.
Maybe need to do it once every 6 months now. Just touching the bottle sends the message to stop the behavior.


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May 29, 2015
New Jersey
Max (23yo) Blue and Gold Macaw,
PRIMOR (8yo) Red Lored Amazon,
ABBA (33yo) Red Lored Amazon - RIP
I wrap a tennis ball in a piece of fabric and tie knots in it so it's almost like a rope with a tennis ball at one end. I hang it from Max's boing and he loves it, hangs from it, hangs upside down from it and certain times of the year the dirty bird loves it too much...

It's amazing to see how he finds new ways of playing with it.

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