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Sep 30, 2021
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So we have a Caique, since we bought him he had a pin feathers (I think that’s the correct term) and/or feathers that look ready or half preened. Then all of a sudden he plucked a ton of them, his attitude hasn’t changed, still seems happy. I have my lovebird next to him and he’s in front of the TV and has toys, and nothing has changed really. He gets played with after work. The only thing is my nephew can walk now, and my nephew wants to pet him, but Bandit (that’s his name) wants nothing to do with him other than wanting to bite him. Almost like he’s jealous if we are playing with my nephew… I really hope they grow back, this is the second time he’s done it to his chest. I’m wondering if I need to get him on an even better diet, he doesn’t like bigger food, he likes what I feed my lovie and our conure. Could it be Hormonal? Also, I noticed he goes up to my mirror on the side of my bed and just stares, could this be an issue. If it happens again I’m probably gonna have to take him to the vet, just times are tough right now, but if I have to I will figure something out, since he’s part of them family. Thank you in advance for any advice!!


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Aug 2, 2018
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because this us a young bird? Newly weaned? And this looks to be over the crop area and looks red as well. I think you are going to need a avian vet exam. As crop infection, test overgrown, or some kind of issue can be going on. The pain and discomfort in that area can have them plucking.
What is bird eating? How are poops? You need a digital kitchen scale abd be tracking weight. Burds hide being sick, but they nearly always start dropping weight when sick. So it good to check all birds weight weekly abd track. Daily when anything seems off.

But regardless, I think yours needs a check up at the vet

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