Female Eclectus New "calling" habit


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Jul 11, 2013
Kalamazoo, MI
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ok so as some of you guys know. I moved into my "second first" apartment with LuLu (my female eclectus) and so far its been great. When we first moved she would call to me whenever I was out of sight but now she's good and really doesn't do it much. But she has started to "call" whenver someone new enters the room. The reason why I say "call" in quotation marks is because its the same call sound (ACK ACK really quickly) but she does it more obnoxiously when its someone she doesn't know. Whenever they talk she screams. But I've noticed that if I'm talking to them then she will stop. But once they've been there for a while she's cool. And everyone thinks that she is being aggressive or that she doesn't want them there but she seems to just be overly excited.
I've been inviting people over in order to kind of let her get over it but she still does it. She almost never screams when its just her and I

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