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First vet visit


Aug 26, 2013
Yesterday I noticed Oscar breathing a bit faster than normal. It was hardly perceptible and only lasted 10 minutes. Otherwise normal behavior (but fooled once...). This morning I saw it again, called vet, there was a space if I could be there in 10 minutes (because breathing trouble is bad news), rushed there, made it half dressed.

He's in good health, no secondary symptoms. His only problem is our fault: he is overweight. (which we kinda knew).

The vet commented on how calm and trusting he was in his hands, and to be honest, I was very surprised by that as well. After initially freaking out - he's never been away from home - I could calm him down and he started reacting normally again, in his little travel cage. Even absently nibbled on my finger without biting. Eyes fluttering after every word I spoke to him. Seriously, I was utterly amazed, as I wasn't totally calm myself.

Vet showed me the "love handles", did a thorough search, and gave me some feeding advice. Antibiotics were not needed, it seems I was there fast this time (I learn...). He did get an injection (forgot the name, but it's a pain killer/relaxant). Five minutes back in his cage and he started babbling again. Phew.

So I guess we have been bad parents as well (as per other thread). Kudos to the vet practice - they are incredibly busy and even have international customers - to let me in on such a short notice. They even remembered the bad story we had with the previous parrots, which is 2 years ago, so that tells me they care for their work.

Off to teach him the word "fatso". :eek:
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Thanks for the link and kind words. Already checking it out and reading up on healthy (healthier) diets. I want to give him the best as he surely deserves it.

I don't want to starve him with a radical diet however. How long would it take to lose 30 gram without upsetting his system? The vet was happy to see I knew his ideal weight (he had to look it up): 125 grams. I'm guessing it will take a couple of months before Oscar gets there? (with our help obviously). I'll be weighing him more frequently as well, once a week seems a good idea.

We also need to be careful with treats. Most of the time when he gets a nut, he actually spills 95% of it, which is good. But with one type, cashew nuts, we noticed he eats it to the last crumble - very atypical. Translated to humans, it would be the equivalent of me eating 800 of those in one sitting. Ugh.

Despite having been a bad parent where it comes to food, I'm still having a "proud dad" feeling on how well he behaved. By that I mean I'm happy he didn't panic or suffered anxiety. He surely has a lot of confidence and trust, and the vet complimented me (us) on that - but also the breeder, as he said that's where it all starts in the first few months.

Thanks again for the link.

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