Flying cross country with green cheek conure


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Jan 9, 2021
Hello, all!

I'm going to talk to my vet about this, of course, but was also hoping to hear a collection of personal experiences to draw from.

I am going to visit my partner for over a week in a few months (hopefully!!), and I have a young, high needs green cheek. It is not an option to leave her at home, because I am the only person who can handle her currently (over time we will work on that), as well as because like many birds (especially rescues from difficult beginnings) she has separation anxiety.

I am hoping to fly Delta. They allow pet birds to fly with you as your carry on so long as they are small enough.

It is not an option to ship her or fly her as cargo because the statistics for pet death and injury being shipped are very high and tragic.

My questions:

Has anyone flown with their parrot before? Does anyone have experience flying with animals on Delta? How do you encourage your bird not to scream on the plane? Has anyone ever had or heard of a bird having a negative health incident due to flying in a plane?

If you have any thoughts on any of these questions, please let me know!

Thanks and have a great day:rainbow1:


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Are you SURE you can fly with her right now? I moved back in Feburary, and had to drive cross country because airlines were not accepting parrots at the time (perhaps they've changed the rules in the interim).

And think about this: do you REALLY want to bring a parrot, a very LOUD animal, into the confines of a cabin where the slightest baby cry drives passengers crazy?


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Aug 21, 2010
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Presumably up to date travel with pet in cabin rules for Delta:

I have not personally traveled with birds in aircraft but have flown them with passengers and avians in the cabin. Never had a reported incident or complaint except with folks insisting on letting their dog/cat exit carrier while in flight. Given the strange environment with constant background noise, less likely for your GCC to be obnoxious and attract attention.

Delta and other airlines strictly limit number of pets in cabin each flight and have many seating restrictions. Generally no bulkhead seats, exit rows, center seat with some aircraft, etc. Best to call for specific information and search their site (or call) for aircraft type and maximum carrier dimensions allowed.


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No experience with flying with my birds, but recent experience with Delta. Trying to reach a human being by calling their corporate number was useless. After MANY voice prompts to reach the right department, put on terminal hold with a recording saying estimated wait time is 16 hours and 43 minutes! I opted to drive to the airport and speak with the supervisor at the ticket counter, who was very helpful and put notes in my reservation, and emailed people at destination airport so everything went smoothly.

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