May 2, 2021
Vermont, USA
Stormy(M): blue Australian budgie
Picasso(F): green Australian budgie
Apollo(F): sky blue dominant pied Australian budgie
I'd really love my budgies to learn to fly laps so they can fly in larger public buildings (that aren't busy, such as a school gymnasium after school hours) without landing on too many things. Some backstory, I have a 3yr old budgie named Stormy who is doing intermediate-level recall and flight skills. He can confidently and reliably recall in new areas after a spook or two, and can ascend and descend very steeply, as well as being very good at moving recall. I am working on blind recall, but it's not perfect. His longest recall is 35ft (as long as our living room is diagonally). One of my two girls, Apollo, is almost as good as him, but she does not come consistently every time (just most times), and is not as quick with reactions when flying. Her longest recall is also 30ft.

Then we have Picasso, my second girl. Despite being older than Apollo and having more flight experience, she has absolutely no desire to recall more than 10ft, and comes maybe 1 time out of 20. She is generally very low-energy, and even more so this month (hormonal season + molting + gloomy weather). I do, however, hope she does more long-distance recall, and is willing to work with me on flight skills. She is a bit fat (not obese), but I have many obstacles I have her work her way through that do not involve flying, so she can lose more weight.

Any way to teach laps to birds in an indoor setting? By laps, I mean both taking off from and landing back on a specific human WITHOUT landing on anything else in-between. Thank you for any advice!

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