Found Pigeon/Dove


May 19, 2022
Green Cheek Conure
Hello everyone! My neighbor found this pigeon (or dove?) in her garage and called me to take it. It’s definitely tame. It has let me pet it and pick it up with no issues. It’s not banded so I’m having trouble figuring out where it could’ve come from. I have it in a large cage I have extra from my parrots. It is in a completely different level of the house from my parrots and I wash my hands really well after being around it. We’ve called any wedding/funeral venues nearby and are waiting on a call back but I’m thinking it’s more likely that someone lost their pet? I’m feeding it some parakeet seed I have leftover from a conure baby I had. I’m taking it to the local vet tomorrow to see if they know of anyone missing a bird. Is there anything special I should be doing for it? I only have experience with parrots.


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